Oster Cryogen-X A-5 Blade Sets

Oster Cryogen-X A-5 Blade Sets


Cryogen-X A-5 Elite Blade Sets by Oster.

Designed to remove stress from clippers, allowing less wear on parts and cooler blade & clipper temperatures. Blade temp averages 30% cooler than conventional Oster blades. Include a titanium coating, making them some of the toughest and coolest blades around. Interchangeable with old style A-5 clippers.

Size 15 – Medium-Close – 3/64″, 1.2mm
Size 30 – Close – For all-purpose use, 1/50″, 0.5mm
Size 40 – Very close – For clipping surgical area, 1/100″, 0.25mm

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Clipper Blade Sizes

15, 30, 40