M. Toulouse Marielle with Genesis adjustable Tree 17.5″

M. Toulouse Marielle with Genesis adjustable Tree 17.5″


The Marielle  Platinum Monoflap Saddle by M. Toulouse is the ideal choice for eventing, show jumping, or anyone who enjoys a forward flap saddle! Featuring Marcel Toulouse’s exclusive Genesis™ adjustable tree, this highly customizable saddle is perfect for multiple horse barns or horses who change throughout the year. Designed with a four centimeter more forward flap than the standard Marielle saddle, this monoflap offers more security over fences or on the flat. With wool panels to provide maximum comfort for your equine athlete, these adjustable panels offer further accommodations for different horses. Finished with grippy double leather, the Marielle is sure to keep your locked in as you gallop across the cross country course or sail over obstacles in the stadium arena.

Key Features:

  • Forward Flap Saddle
  • Genesis Adjustable Tree
  • Wool Panels
  • Grippy Double Leather
  • MonoFlap Styling

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