dac® Breeders Excel – 40 lb.

dac® Breeders Excel – 40 lb.


dac Breeders Excel micro pellet provides a balance of essential fatty acids to mature breeding horses. Both omega-3 and -6 cannot be synthesized by the body and therefore must be supplied in the diet as they are considered essential for metabolism. A deficiency of the essential fatty acids (EFA) creates problems with coat, skin, immune function and reproduction.

Each scoop contains min 5,100 mg crude protein, min 3,400 mg crude fat, max 1,986 mg crude fiber, min 62.5 IU vitamin E, min 941 mg DHA, min 1,276 mg omega-6 fatty acid and min 993 mg omega-3 fatty acid.

Directions: Can be fed with fortified or unfortified grains. Fortified grains contain added vitamins and minerals and require a lower feeding rate of this supplement. If fed with unfortified grains – Barren mares: 8 oz daily per 1,000 lbs body weight; Pregnant mares: 8 oz daily per 1,000 lbs body weight; Stallions: 16 oz daily per 1,000 lbs body weight. Consult an equine nutritionist or dac® if feeding this product with fortified grain. Introduce gradually to avoid feed refusal; a minimum of 60 days prior to first intended date of breeding. Scoop included.

Money back guarantee within 60 days of purchase.

Made in the USA.

What makes dac Breeders Excel different?
Omega-3 – Semen from stallions contains high levels of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. High concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids in semen have been shown to increase fertility. Omega-3 fatty acids are considered essential to the horse and may possess the following beneficial properties: increase red blood cell count, increase semen quality, increase vitamin E status and decrease inflammation.

DHA – Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid) is a major poly unsaturated fatty acid in semen. Stallions supplemented with DHA have been shown to have significantly increased number of sperm per ejaculate, increased motility of sperm and decreased dead and abnormal sperm compared to non-supplemented stallions. Supplementation with DHA also increases the number of motile sperm after cooled or frozen storage.

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin that has an important role as a potent antioxidant. It has a concurrent yet independent role with selenium, an essential trace mineral. Vitamin E is an important antioxidant needed by sperm cells. Sperm cell membranes contain a high concentration of long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids, which make them susceptible to oxidative damage. Several steps in sperm cell maturation and eventual fertilization can produce reactive oxygen metabolites that can damage sperm cells or decrease their motility if antioxidant defenses are depleted. Antioxidants in seminal plasma protect sperm against oxidative stress which may be induced by cooling and freezing, common methods of storage and transportation of equine semen. Additional improvements in stallion semen quality (motility, longevity, morphology as well as total sperm count) have been shown after dietary intake of antioxidants in combination with omega-3 fatty acids.

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