dac® Bloom

dac® Bloom



Improves overall hoof, skin and coat quality as well as providing additional calories to assist in weight gain or maintenance during exercise.


  • Cool Calories 100– provides highly digestible essential fatty acids for skin & hair conditions, as well as calories needed for weight gain and exercise.
  • Bio-available Trace Minerals– chelated minerals have been bonded to 2 or more amino acids. This allows for easy passage through the intestinal wall into the blood resulting in increased metabolism of that mineral.
  • Zinc– associated with the health and integrity of hair, skin, hooves and the immune system.
  • Methionine– stimulates the production of keratin fibers in the horse’s coat.
  • Lysine– feeding additional lysine ( a pivotal amino acid in equine diets) increases the protein quality of the diet and may help muscle mass.
  • Biotin– stimulates the production of keratin, which in turn provides for the production of smooth, soft hair in the coat.
  • Ground Flaxseed– high in omega-3 fatty acids which enhances overall health.

Feeding directions (based on 1000 lb horse):

  • Maintenance: 1 scoop (1 ounce) per day
  • Preparation: 2 scoops (2 ounce) per day
  • Performance: 3 scoops ( 3 ounces) per day
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