BuckWild Dressage Saddle Pad – Painted Ponies

BuckWild Dressage Saddle Pad – Painted Ponies

You went through a lot of trouble to find a saddle that fits your horse well. You don’t want that fit ruined by a poorly-designed saddle pad.

When the days are hot and your rides are hard:

●  The Coolmax bottom helps sweat evaporate so your horse feels comfortable, cool, and dry.

●  Foam and polyfill on the inside cushions your horse’s back as you ride and train.
●  Rubs from the saddle panels hanging off the edge of the pad are no longer an issue with the 23″ x 26″ dimensions.
●  The hard-wearing poly-cotton top stands up to rubs from your boots and getting tossed around the grooming area.
●  Double piping on the edge gives you that style you expect from Buckwild.

Available in three of your favorite patterns so you and your horse can match.